BADUJET VS. Endless Pools® – With a BADU® SwimJet System from Speck Pumps, and unlike an Endless Pool, any pool can become an aquatic workout center. You’ll burn calories, strengthen muscles and soothe body aches by swimming against a gentle or increasingly insistent current. You control the degree of workout you want — building body, mind and spirit.

SwimJets vs Endless Pools

We want to help you understand the different types of swim-against-the-current systems on the market so that you can make an informed decision as to whether one of our BADU SwimJet Systems is right for you.
There are two main methods to move water which create a sufficient current to swim or walk against:
Swim Jets

BADU SwimJet Systems push water through adjustable jet nozzles that create a concentrated and customizable water flow. There is a “burst area” at the jet outlet capable of a flow rate of up to 400 gallons per minute at 37 feet per second. The system then pushes the body of water in front of it – creating a current (or “flow”) of up to 5,000 gallons per minute – measured between 4 and 6 feet from the pool wall. We call this the “sweet spot”. This sweet spot and the direction of the flow and its rate is completely adjustable. Most noteworthy – our systems don’t limit you to the use of your pool because you are able to direct this sweet spot as you like and continue to enjoy other areas of your pool as you normally would.

“River Flow” System (ie Endless Pools®)

Endless Pools is just one specific brand of the “river flow” style system. This type of system (an Endless Pool) essentially uses a propeller enclosed in a housing which is driven by a hydraulic pump or V-Belt. Because of this – River flow systems do NOT generate that “sweet spot” or burst of water the way that our BADU SwimJet systems do. Instead, they produce a continuous flow of water throughout the entire pool – measuring approximately 5,000 gallons per minute.


See the chart below for a side-to-side BADU SwimJet vs. Endless Pools comparison
Parameters BADU® SwimJet System Endless Pools® FastLane®
Current System Pumps water through nozzle(s) (i.e. jet) and creates a current for swimming, white water effect, and massage. Uses a pump to turn a propeller which creates a constant current.
Swim Quality Easily adjustable to create the perfect current for most levels of recreational swimmers. It creates a current for all levels of swimmers.
Therapy Optional massage hose attachments for muscle relief and relaxation. No massage therapy options.
Visibility Low profile design allows for minimum visibility while maintaining full practicality of resistance swimming on all new builds. Above water design means that the unit will always be visible and complicates pool cover designs.

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