BADU® SwimJet Systems push water through adjustable jet nozzles that create a concentrated and customizable water flow. There is a “burst area” at the jet outlet capable of a flow rate of up to 400 gallons per minute at 37 feet per second. The system then pushes the body of water in front of it – creating a current (or “flow”) of up to 5,000 gallons per minute – measured between 4 and 6 feet from the pool wall. We call this the “sweet spot”. This sweet spot and the direction of the flow and its rate is completely adjustable. Our systems don’t limit you to the use of your pool because you are able to direct this sweet spot as you like and continue to enjoy other areas of your pool as you normally would.

Other systems use a propeller enclosed in a housing which is driven by hydraulic pumps and V-Belt. These systems do not generate an initial burst of water the way that BADU® SwimJet systems do. In addition, these systems often restrict your ability to enjoy other areas of your pool as you normally would.

Typically, BADU SwimJet Systems cost less than half as much as competitive systems.

BaduJet systems can be used in any type of pool including above ground, in ground, gunite, fiberglass and vinyl liner.

The swimming area inside the pool needs to be a minimum of 8’ wide x 15’ long x 3.5’ deep.

The BaduJet Inspiration is made specifically for existing in-ground and above ground pools. The unit is bolted to your pool deck and hangs in the pool. No plumbing is required, the unit needs to be wired by a licensed electrician. In the wall systems (such as BaduJet Imperial, BaduJet super-sport, & the BaduStream) can also be installed during pool remodels.

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BADU SwimJet systems have been assembled in Jacksonville Florida for over 35 years.

Adjust the flow so the system is not pushing you back. We recommend purchasing the BADU Swim mirror accessory - this will help keep you in place.

Our BADU SwimJet systems will add fun and enjoyment for all ages. The kids can boogie board against the current. Kids can play in front of the current. To do this - turn the air up and adjust the nozzles upwards to create a choppy, white-water effect.

Refer to nozzle adjustment section within your owner’s manual. We also recommend purchasing the BADU Swim Mirror accessory that will help with staying in the swim lane. You will be able to see yourself as you swim.

Make sure the jet is properly aligned and the nozzles are turned all the way up. Slow your pace down until you found the stroke that will prevent you from out swimming the system. Depending on the size of the pool you could drift back and swim into the stream and try to find the “sweet spot” which is about 4 feet from the jets.

All BADU SwimJet systems meet the VIRGINIA GRAEME BAKER POOL AND SPA SAFETY ACT requirements.

The warranty is one year on the jets and control box and two years on the pump* (*warranty registration is required). You may contact the dealer who installed the system or call us at 800-223-8538.

It’s simple: drain pump and store it in a warm and dry place.

We offer winter cover kits for the BaduStream II, BaduJet super-sport and the BaduJet Imperial. The pool will need to be drained below the jets, then blow the lines out. Then install the winter covers and fill the pool to the normal level. You can also refer to the manual or watch the videos on our YouTube page.

The BaduJet Inspiration requires removal and storage in winter prone geographic areas

4” pipe is to be used when the pump is within 30’ of the jets. In a longer run, 6” pipe is required. The Badujet Inspiration requires no plumbing.

We suggest no longer than 100’. Please call our customer service department to inquire about longer runs.

A self-priming pump has the ability to remove air from the plumbing lines when installed above water level (up to 4 feet). During the initial startup, the pump must be filled with water. You should never run the pump dry.

A self-priming pump must have a sufficient amount of water in the pump housing. Only then can air be removed from the suction line. It is necessary to fill your pump up to the suction connection with water. If you do not fill the pump with water you may damage the mechanical seal in the pump.

The Speck Model 21-80/33 GS pumps are generally maintenance free. From time to time you should carry out a visual inspection. Check to see if pump is leaking, a few drops is normal. Remove any debris around the pump.

4.0 HP: Maximum 21.0 - 19.4 amps @ 230 V

You must use a 40 amp breaker for the 4 HP pump to avoid nuisance tripping. You will need a 60-AMP breaker for a two-pump system. The BaduJet Inspiration also requires a 40 amp breaker.

No. The swim jet system and the filter system should not be plumbed together as they each provide very specific functions.

Yes. All of our systems have the ability to tie into automated control systems or other switching devices. A licensed electrician would need to wire in this feature.