Aqua therapy is one of the best types of therapy and exercise for people who struggle with limited mobility or painful movement. A BADU® SwimJet System can help you get the therapy you need in your very own pool. We offer aqua therapy resistance jets for your pool so that you can swim with the resistance you need to get stronger and heal correctly.

Benefits of Aqua Therapy

Aqua therapy or aquatic exercise is arguably the best exercise you can do. The main benefit of performing aqua therapy exercises in the water is the weightlessness. You won’t have to deal with a lot of pressure on your body while you still get a great workout. So, if you deal with arthritis, fractured bones, joint problems, chronic illnesses, or obesity, aquatic exercise will be perfect for you.

Aquatic exercise is a great way to burn calories and tone muscles. Water is thicker than air, so you must work harder to achieve a well-rounded workout. Water also provides a good amount of natural resistance, so you won’t have to wear or use weights or tethers; you simply have to move naturally in the water.

Another benefit of aqua therapy is that it can help with joint health and improve circulation. The hydrostatic pressure of the water produces forces that provide joint positional awareness to you. This pressure is also known to relieve swelling. This can help with joint injuries and soft tissue swelling.

Benefits of BADU® SwimJet Systems

Now that you know the benefits of aquatic therapy, you should know why a BADU® SwimJet Systems is the best choice for aqua therapy in your pool. We are a world leader in swim jet technology, and our jets are of the highest quality. Our in-the-wall swim jets are compact, so your pool looks beautiful and useable for those who don’t need aquatic therapy, but the jets are also powerful and can create a current up to 5,700 gallons a minute.

You will love the workout you can get with our swim jets from the comfort of your home.

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