This is not your ordinary
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What’s a BADU Swimjet?

This IS excitement for your pool!

Learn About BADU Swimjet

Why a BADU® SwimJet?

Family Fun
  • Create your own exciting water park in your backyard
  • Great for Boogie boarding against
  • Create a lazy river effect or Choppy water effect
Aquatic Exercise & Therapy
  • Provides a mild to vigorous workout with endless swimming
  • Great for walking in place – with no stress on joints or bones
  • Enjoy a Therapeutic Massage with the Pulsating Massage Hose
A Perfect Fit
  • Accommodates installation in limited space and varying pool designs.
  • The Badu SwimJet System offers many different packages in a wide price range, to satisfy a variety of exercise styles and budgets.
Commercial Applications
  • Hospitals, Neurological & Health Care Facilities
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Physical Therapy
  • Sports Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Military applications

The BaduStream can be installed in vinyl liner, steel wall, fiberglass and gunite pools. Each BaduStream jet is flush mounted anti-entrapment combination fitting in its own housing.

Badu® Stream II
  • System is available in 4 Systems (Single Jet, Two Jets, and Three Jets)
  • Adjustable Jet Nozzles
  • Covers are available in Round (Black, Gray or White) and Square (Black or White)

The BaduJet Turbo Pro is the ultimate in resistance swimming. An intuitive new design allows for a more than three-fold increase in flow over our standard swimjets. Combined with simple underwater push button controls and a quiet, efficient variable speed motor, the BaduJet Turbo Pro take your swim to the next level. 

Badu®Jet Turbo Pro
  • 1,500 Gallons per Minute for Professional Performance
  • Propeller-Driven for Clean, Turbulence-Free Flow
  • Multiple Speeds for Any Level of Swimmer

The full-featured BaduJet super-sport offers suction and discharge in the unique, patented, one-piece dual nozzle housing. The ultimate all-in-one dual nozzle swim jet system, the BaduJet super-sport creates an aquatic workout center, a virtual water park.

Badu®Jet super-sport II
  • Swim Jet System comes with 2 jets
  • Built-in ON/OFF Switch and LED Light
  • Built-in Adjustable Flow and Air Regulator Knobs

The BaduJet Imperial offers two swim jets as well as integrated LED lighting. The BaduJet Imperial features a stainless steel corrosion-proof cover and handles.

Badu®Jet Imperial
  • Stainless Steel Cover & Hand Rails with 2 jets
  • Built-in ON/OFF Switch and LED Light
  • Built-in Adjustable Flow and Air Regulator Knobs

The BaduJet Inspiration is perfect for existing in-ground pools as well as new installations and even above-ground pools. This swim jet system features dual swimjet nozzles for optimal swim against the current action, no-impact aquatic exercise, water massage and fun for the entire family.

Badu®Jet Inspiration
  • Perfect for Existing Pools
  • Built-in 2 Jets, ON/OFF Switch and LED Light
  • Built-in Adjustable Flow and Air Regulator Knobs

Authorized ProSPECK Dealers can help you select the perfect Swim Jet system that fits your lifestyle.

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Authorized ProSPECK Dealers can design the pool of your dreams with a Badu SwimJet System.

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Authorized ProSPECK Dealers can build your pool with your Swim Jet System.

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